January 16, 2017
Life Is Our Playground Logo Story



The logo. Recognizable from afar, a representation of what we‘re about. 


It is the visual cornerstone of why we do what we do.


We believe that Life Is Our Playground! By balancing our daily schedules we can enjoy life to the fullest. LIOP is lovingly designed to remind us to play and excel in each area of our life’s playground.




The rectangle element represents PAUSE. The idea of placing this symbol first may be unconventional but realizing how impactful it is to start our day with a reflective mindset, it does deserve its place. A day started with a grateful heart and a positive mindset makes all the difference in winning over our daily challenges.



The circle gives the idea of a WELL ROUNDED lifestyle, the one that encourages balance. It represents being able to do what we have to do, what we love and what we dream of.





The triangle draws inspiration from the idea of PLAY. This is a powerful take on having fun in life. It is when we are most appreciative that we learn to loosen up and just truly enjoy life as it is.





The colors are purposely misaligned because the three can never be perfect. They may never be flawless but that‘s the beauty of it, all of life’s imperfections make it perfectly unique and exhilirating.





Live in Love and Balance. Live Life to the Fullest. Because Life Is Our Playground!

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