January 25, 2017
The LIOP Effect


Being witnesses to all the wonderful innovations around us, we got inspired to bring to life a concept about humanizing digital. What if you have an app that reminds you to live a balanced life every day?


We wanted to create that.


Like a friend who is there to hear you out, we are aiming to make that human connection through this endeavor. We can feel your joy, we share your aspirations and we celebrate your triumphs. We always thought that an app should go beyond tech, it should have the heart and the soul to remain timeless and relevant to the user.


Digital... With a Heart


Life Is Our Playground - starting with a Playbook, aims to be an innovation that enables the users like you to be in touch with your short and long term dreams with ease. It’s designed to remind and give you the upper hand in keeping your priorities in check, without breaking a sweat. Convenience is a highlight but once that convenience has a purpose it becomes a habit... a habit that can turn our lives around for the better.


An Assembly of Greatness


LIOP is a beautiful representation of our minds and experiences. It gives you a glimpse of where our hearts are right now. This project has bonded us together and is making us grow as a group and as individuals.


We are definitely honored to be here and create something that can help change lives. We are all aiming for one common goal: To make lives the best playgrounds they could be. Balanced, fun, fulfilling and accomplished.





















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