February 17, 2017
Something FREE this side of LIOP: The LIOP STARTER

We know that it‘s the month of love and we have a sweet treat for you... Do you want be inspired and inspire others as well? Then the LIOP STARTER is definitely right up your alley.


Hands on Deck: A Free Deck of Quotes



Download the LIOP STARTER for FREE from the App Store and instantly get a deck of quotes on us. From the most uplifting quotes, to the most eye catching graphics, consider this your daily dose of soul vitamins for each day that comes your way.




Ignite the Fire: Inspire with your Words


Do you have the knack for creating lines that can make one‘s day? Inspire others through your own words. Submit them and immortalize them in LIOP fashion, share them as you please!





Decks to Match your Personality


Looking for the perfect match? We‘ve got the ideal deck of quotes to fit your persona! From the words to the graphics, we‘re sure there‘s a deck that will fit your personality like a glove.


Download the LIOP STARTER for FREE here and start your day right!

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