February 23, 2017
LIOP PLAYBOOK Print: Your Lifebook for Your Best Year Yet

The LIOP Playbook Print was originally based from the concept of our unending quest to find something that can help us organize our daily lives and thoughts. Originally, we would just jot down on any medium handy, whether they‘d be planners, notebooks and calendars, we felt the need to create a medium that centralizes everything.




The Playbook came from the need for a journal that acts as a self introspective mirror. If everything we pursue is totally worth the effort, it‘s a question of fulfillment, it‘s also our source for balancing out life along with its daily challenges and activities.


It‘s a culmination of what we‘ve learned from inspirational sources: books, talks, experts, mentors and our experiences included. All of them provided us lessons on achieving the lives we desire and we‘d love to give back through The LIOP Playbook now in PRINT.



Lifted from its digital counterpart, now it‘s made more accessible for you because nothing beats the feeling of writing it all out and making it happen! Treat it as your Lifebook. A record of your dreams, goals, success and lessons. A document of the year that you begin to love yourself more. Together, let‘s make this year our best one yet!

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