March 6, 2017
A Colorful First Quarter with LIOP


This month caps off the first quarter of 2017. It calls for much introspection, observation and goal setting.


Keeping your goals in check

With LIOP, it‘s important to have 5 major goals based from the areas of your Life‘s Playground to feel truly fulfilled. From Social, Physical, Learning, Lifestyle and Spiritual, no table will be left unturned.



Theme effort

We highly recommend giving your quarter a theme to make your goals more coherent and workable... and yes, fun!These 5 goals are connected to each area as every result creates a ripple effect for success. Having one will aid you in getting your obligations in check without losing sight of your passions and pursuits. This also enables you to learn from past mistakes, so that you may be slowly but surely approaching the fruition of your dreams.



Today‘s efforts, yield tomorrow‘s success story

Always remember that your actions this month will also lead to your next quarter‘s results. Careful and well thought out plans will help. Also make sure to take your time in tending to each area of your life‘s playground.



Plan ahead, be successful!

How about you? What theme will your next quarter be inspired by? Small daily improvements will lead to big results. Good luck!




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