April 5, 2017
5 Soul Blazing Ways to Stay Inspired

At the start of the year, we imagined how we wanted our 2017 to be. We wrote this down as our VISION of December 2017. December is a month of celebration and we certainly deserve to celebrate our WINS!


To realize this vision, we divided our goals into smaller milestones by creating a THEME for each quarter. These themes help us set our hearts and our minds to focus on what we should do everyday. On this note, it is important that our vision fulfills us in all areas of our life’s playground - physical, social, spiritual, learning and lifestyle. A balanced goal will never make us feel inadequate.


How are you feeling now as we transition to the second quarter?


Are you as fired up when the year started and you set up to work on your goals?


It is important that you stay inspired so you can continue to work on your Vision that will ultimately take you to your Desired Life. Here are 5 slack-proof ways that you can utilize to stay as motivated as Day 1.




1. Take a Break. You deserve to rest. Remember our logo? The very first element symbolizes a pause because when we’re rested and recharged, we will be well-equipped to win any challenge.



2. Appreciate What You’ve Accomplished. You may not have hit your targets last quarter but you were definitely successful in some of your goals and may have even completed something you were not expecting to accomplish.




3. Be Consistent. Even when it seems like what you are doing everyday are tiny steps in achieving your big goals, keep doing them everyday. When you look back at the day you started when your goals seem to be far fetched, you will realize now that you are closer to your goals - a grasp away or they may already be in your hands!




4. Think Positive and Achieve Clarity. Nothing can deter you as much as negative thinking. Worries and apprehensions blur your mind. It consumes your energy and stresses you. Write all your thoughts. When you break down your worries into phrases and words, you’ll see that there are equivalent solutions to each of them. Some might not even be a problem. What seem to be your stumbling block can turn into your jumping board to opportunities.




5. Believe. Believe that a higher power is guiding you and will not forsake you. Believe that you deserve the best. You deserve all that is beautiful and true. You deserve to be happy.


Life is a journey and not a destination, enjoy every challenge, bump and bruise for they will shape you into a better version of you ready to enjoy more of what life has to offer!


May you continue to live each day inspired. Keep winning! Have fun! Life is our playground!

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