August 2, 2017
LIOP: Constantly Updated with Love


LIOP is and will always be a labor of love. From its small beginnings, the goal and our vision remains the same. We aim to help you achieve harmony and balance despite your busy schedules. We believe that since we began this passion project, the feedback and your words of inspiration will stay in our colored hearts forever and beyond.



LIOP has always been a project that we hold dear and we are constantly on the move to improve it with new updates to make your LIOP experience even more fulfilling and rewarding.



This always comes full circle as we are LIOP users ourselves. We understand how challenging it is to live a balanced and fulfilled life. Because we are like you, we understand your needs, wants and aspirations as well.



If you‘d rather type in your Weekly Gameplan and Daily Planner, then the new LIOP comes with a text feature that allows you to type in your plans and thoughts. Download or update LIOP - Your Planner, Journal, Notes and BFF in App Store now!


Here‘s to bigger things as we approach the next few months of our best year yet!

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