January 1, 2017
That December to Remember: The Birth of the LIOP App

December 24 was definitely memorable, aside from it being my birthday it was when LIOP was approved! The days prior to it were full of anticipation and excitement. To tell you the truth, I wasn‘t really counting on it because Apple announced that the last day of review was Dec 23.


That night before I went to sleep, I made a wish for something magical to happen, it was an almost far out wish... for LIOP Playbook to be launched exactly on my birthday.


And the universe must be listening! When I woke up, I saw the email and notification from the App Store that indeed LIOP is ready for release!


A Birthday Wish Come True!





I remember a few weeks before, I recall saying that I‘d be the happiest birthday girl if we‘ll be all green lights for LIOP on December 24. My team knowing that it‘s my one single wish, moved mountains and achieved the almost impossible so that we‘ll have a great chance to be approved before my birthday.


Aside from knowing that it would be the best birthday gift ever, my team also believes in it. We all know how LIOP has helped bond us and make us grow as individuals. It was a positive and refreshing creation that deserves to be shared to the world on Christmas Day.





To us LIOP is:


Lyndon: It‘s a labor of love, it‘s something special that deserves to be shared.


Toska: LIOP allows me to focus on the daily tasks I need to do. It allows me to plan ahead and set activities in the different areas of my life.


JD: An easy Sunday morning because it‘s time to reflect and do the things you like.


Rogel: For me it‘s a culmination of positivity and the product of our teamwork.


Divine: It‘s a source of inspiration, a haven for motivation and a kickstarter for goal setting.


JP: For me LIOP is the best way to start your 2017. It‘s positivity summed up in the form of an app!


The LIOP concept took 3 years to mold and required months to transform into a working user interface. It costed us sleepless nights to code, test and improve the user experience. We can‘t wait for you to use it. We promise more updates, improvements and features that will turn this year into your year.


Take control of your life and own 2017 with much love, zest and power!

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